Cup of coffee

finishing this scene. I will be glad to your advices.

Very nice!

Some possible suggestions:

more coffee beans :smiley:
darker beans
subtle variations in bean texture (perhaps procedurally though Noise with bump/displacement)
some light variation on the wood
less bright whites so the cup edges can be seen
slightly adjusted composition (lower part cropped a bit) for (subjectively) better spatial relationships

Here is an example I prepared for your consideration:

Best wishes on your project!



Maybe have variations on your beans. It looks like you modelled one bean and used the particle effect to have a pile of them. I think the image would benefit a lot from maybe two or three bean models dispersed throughout. Different sizes, thicknesses, etc.

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This is amazing. thanks for your advice, it’s very useful.

Thank you. I added more different beans.

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I think the wood texture has to much contrast (and/or saturation). . Lower the contrast and/or saturation a bit and it will match better with the rest.

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I see that you reduced the size of the saucer :ok_hand:

I’d reduce the quantity of coffee, it’s a lot, you are most likely going to drop it on yourself or on the floor :smile:

Are you using some references for the model?

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Beans should be shiney and more round and considerably darker with some variation in the geometry, also. Also, are you using per-instance variation? Kind of looks like a noise pattern applied to the whole, rather than individual beans.

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I second Shawn Kearney on the geometry and shininess, but I want to add that every bean is facing the same way. You would have to be the luckiest person alive to have every bean land on the table with the slot showing. There needs to be more variation to the orientation to the beans.

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Thatnx, I used random references and there is the same quantity of coffee.

Hahahah, I should have specified that the references were meant for the cup shape itself, you can put how much coffee you want :smiley:

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This gives me inspiration for projects too make. But I have to wait until my stylus arrives in the mail.

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You don’t need a stylus for such scenes. But you will need it for this:

lol, basically I used that referenceчашка+кофе&newwindow=1&client=opera&hs=IUU&tbm=isch&tbo=u&source=univ&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiqgZ3dl9PbAhVFhSwKHRTHCx0QsAQIJw&biw=1143&bih=795#imgrc=TshXi1vQUAoTmM:
And I need to change the shape of the beans, because they look dumb.

You can improve the handle, it’s thicker in the reference, also the saucer, it’s not clearly visible in the picture, but it has a profile similar to the one I’ve highlighted in red.

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thanx, but I used my own cup for the scene. It has a different handle.

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Nice progression, the most recent image looks great

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