Cup of Coffee

I’m new to BlenderArtists forum and old to Blender for one year now… I’ve seen most of the works done by the blender artists posted here looks awesome… And now i thought of putting my creations in this forum…:smiley:

This was done in Blender 2.65 with Cycles Renderer…

Forgive me for the noisy image due my slow laptop… Please share your C&C…

Looks awesome. Couple of things you might try:

  • Make the cookies a little bit bigger, they just seem a bit small, especially in relation to the coffee cup. Also maybe imbed some of the chocolate chips a bit further into the cookie body so they look more ‘mixed in’
  • Maybe reduce the glossines(reflectivity) of the table
  • Add some depth of field so the background is not in focus. To my taste, having the corner of the table in the corner of the wall doesn’t look that realistic, and so doesn’t look as real as having some space and/or a different angle to the wall in the background, possibly even a window.

Sure… will try as you suggested…

Using reflections can sometimes be dangerous, because they have a nasty habit of revealing what’s behind the camera. And looking at that teapot, I can clearly see that this is a very small closed room with absolutely nothing else in it. You could either reduce the reflectivity of the teapot or populate the room with some low-poly meshes.

Looks good. Here are some of my thoughts.

-You could also use a light map to cast better reflections.
-I don’t usually drink coffee from a tea pot but maybe others do.
-Your coffee looks like it has a bunch of cream (maybe thats whats in the teapot).
-I think the handle of the spoon should be resting on the edge of the cup.

Really good looking, maybe too much? I would see some cookie crumb on the cookie plate with the cookies and coffee stains on the coffee cup and the plate under it?

The bowl of sugar looks like it was just poured. If the spoon is in the sugar bowl the sugar usually moves. Do a google image search for “bowl of sugar” and you can see some examples.

For the teapot, cup, saucer, and bowl, you might try adding a Fresnel input for the glossy factor. I think real ceramics are reflective at angles parallel to the view, not directly.

The cup could be a bit smaller compared to the pot, in my opinion.