Cup of tea

This is my new picture. :slight_smile:

Please give me a tea! :smiley:
nice work!

lookws good. the only thing is when you say cup of tea i would think the cup would be in focus not the tea kettle.

Nice. Says “relaxed” to me.

An unexpectedly good image.

No, JediJapan, I think that the fact that the focus is juxtaposed from what you might ordinarily expect, adds quite a lot to the image. As does the lightly-textured, Southwestern background.

The straight-vertical angle of the light also works. This is a carefully thought-out, well composed and well-executed shot. The complete tonal-range from Zone-1 to Zone-10 has been carefully used here, with touches like having the underside of the bale go completely dark while the nearby top of the lid is almost completely white.

Whether this is an original composition or an attempt to replicate a photo, it works!

that looks really good-
one thing- i dont thingk the handle of the teapot would stand up like that, would it…?

it would, but it would be tight on the clay parts.

Ahh, padewan, you have observed the “old photographer’s trick!” Yes, even though the bale of the teapot probably would not stand up straight in real life, a photographer very likely would prop it up (with a tiny blob of silly-putty, or maybe with an invisible piece of monofilament fishing line). It’s an important piece of detail and it simply looks better that way.

Art and commercial photography is all about the final image. The final shot looks pleasing and realistic, but the process of getting there in the studio is sometimes unrealistic as sin. I once assisted on an architectural interior shot, a magazine cover piece with warm pleasing sunlight coming in through the windows and so-forth, which was actually shot at 3:30 AM. :smiley:

A really nice image, the texturing is beautifully done and the backdrop matches the subject perfectly.The focus on the teapot with the cup slightly out of focus works so well and gives a nice look drawing the eye into the picture. Can’t fault it any way you really have done a good job on this piece.

Levi :smiley: