Cup of tea

Hi, I was up to create my first “not-following-any-tutorial” blender scene, I thought a cup would be nice to do and here is my result (so far).
Some tecnichal info: Vertices 30500 (how did they get so many:confused:), Samples 2000, rendertime 44 minutes. All this done with 6 gigabyte ram and a Intel core 2 quad.

Pretty nice. As for the high vertex count what level subsurf do you have applied to the cup? And you also might wan’t to try HDR lighting.

Thanks, for the cup i have a subsurf of 3. For the HDR lightning I have checked a tutorial and will use it for the picture, an update will come soon

looks good :slight_smile: needs some milk though :wink:

Looks pretty good, but the wood could use a better material. So can the cup. And how many light sources do you have set up?

Have fixed the stuff you all thought needed to be added, upload will come as fast as it have rendered, 2h maby. And Gordax, I had two light sources in the first image but now i am using HDR lightning to the scene.

Ok, new update. What do you think, and does anyone know how i fix the milk in the bottle?

Do you have actual thickness to the bottle glass?

looking better :smiley: the spoon needs to be shinier though.
for the milt bottle, i think the ior is set too high, IOR is great for fluids but thin glass generally has little to know affect on refraction :slight_smile:

As for the IOR values, I found this list a while back. This takes the guess work out of this IORs, and because the IOR value is a real-world value, it doesn’t matter that these are for the VRay renderer. Enjoy.

mix a glossy shader with the diffuse of both the cup and the table to get some pretty reflections going! :smiley: