CupCakes and Tea

Hi everyone! I have around 8 months of experience with Blender and I would love to receive some feedback about my latest render:

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That’s a tranquil looking scene. It looks like you are going for some level of realism. I think your image would look more realistic if the two cupcakes didn’t look almost like copies of one another. they are different colour but the cream and cup looks like it was duplicated. you can probably fix it by tweaking the rotation of one of them, or changing the mesh slightly with sculpt or edit mode.

Adding imperfections to things also make them look more realistic. like scrapes or spills.

The wooden stump material could probably be replaced with a photo texture of a real stump. you can project a texture onto something quick and dirty.

The spoon looks quite flat and how is it balanced like that? Sugar cubes aren’t heavy, but that looks impossible.