Hello everyone,

This is just a testbed project to get reacquainted with Blender again, and my first WIP.

After dabbling in versions from time to time since the late 90’s, I have to say I’m very impressed with this release, and by how far and how mature the feature set has become. I love the real time Cycles engine, and the modeling tools are very intuitive and extremely fast.

It’s going to take a good while to get used to things, but the payback so far has been very rewarding.

The next issue on my list is to figure out how to get the “sprinkles” to lay along the frosting normals properly so they aren’t sticking up at odd angles.

On a high poly sculpt like the frosting, is it unrealistic to expect them to be able to find the normals, or should I make a lower detail proxy mesh for the particles to rest on?

Any ideas or critiques on any aspect is hugely appreciated.

Thanks for an awesome community!


I think the sprinkles need to have actual depth, otherwise they look like glitter or confetti or something not edible. I think you might be able to get them to line up with the normals either using particles, or the drop2ground script. what method are you using currently?

Ha, yeah I know they do look pretty inedible!

I think I had two different problems going on. One was that my sprinkle object was not rotated properly (to lay flat along the x axis,) and the rotation and scale were not “applied.” – Thanks to the grass tutorial at

Also, once I created a sprinkle with some depth to it, and set the particle phase to something other than zero, things looked much better.

Whew… just like any other software - a lot to learn.

Pictures coming up once Cycles does it’s thing. (Coming from an earlier version of Lightwave without real time previewing sure makes me appreciate it in Blender.)

Ok, this is better.

Materials still need a lot of love. Any thoughts on how to get the cups to look more paper like?


I don’t know much about cycles, do they have a translucency value?

Yes, Modron, there is a translucent shader. Haven’t worked with it much yet, but I plan to soon.

i think the paper outisde should use a transluscent mat !

right now it is too solid!

coming nicely

happy cycles

I think I’ll do that Ricky, a ton of translucency and some kind of paper pulp texture.