Inspired by some postcards I picked up by a Japanese artist, I made these. (The originals were actually sculptures in fibre glass).

This is all “retro Blender” features, no GI/AO or whatnot. And I made their heads in Wings (too easy!). The ground is 5 layers of Blender’s cloud textures. There’s 3 “suns” and one OnlyShadow Spot way up in the ceiling with lots of softness.

DOF with rendering ZBuffer out and using Photoshop’s snazzy new Lens Blur. Scaled to half to remove the aliasing this causes.

My boss thought I was using Brazil, which I took as a compliment.

Simple yet nice…

I like it!

Took me a while to actually notice the text in the middle. Very nice.

The overalll look is very pleasent,it looks like the kids are meditating.
What font did you use for the text? Its very cool.

Nice image, then again I like simplicity :slight_smile:

The typeface looks like Bauhaus or a derivative.

Cool you like it.

The typeface is one I made myself. Probably subconciously based on Letraset’s “Pump” which I used loads about 6 years ago!

great job! and did you tell your boss it actually was not Brazil?

Great render. Did you use raytraced shadows or buffered shadows for this render?

I like it :smiley: really cute pic :slight_smile:
but one question, what is wing?

Really nice simple scene but nice render. I like it. Btw where can I find that glow? I thought I saw somewhere a tutorial about it. :slight_smile:

It’s buffered shadows, so renders in about 20 seconds! (Photoshops DOF actually takes a similar time to the render.) There’s no raytracing here, my computer would just die (it’s an 800Mhz iBook).

JD-multi - you need the “Glow” plugin for the sequence editor. Or just use a paint app, duplicate your base layer, use the curves tool so you just have the highlights you want to glow, gaussian blur that layer, set it to use a “screen” or “add” composite type.

And wings is a modeller. See

Quick update on the glowing: easy to find and good details here:

:o WOW! I’ve to say, that… I wanted to say… I think, that one is…
GREAT! So simple but so sweet, etc! Very very very impressive work!

Nice image! I like this artist!(note: japanese page).

I’m glad to see a fan of his works in other country. :smiley:

Yeah, that’s the guy! It’s inspired work.

hykep wrote

but one question, what is wing?

wings is a free modelling software that alot of people use. I occasionally use it, but much less since blender is getting all these cool new tools. It still has a couple of tools that blender doesn’t have such as the ‘bridge’ tool, which connects two opposing faces.