(digitalSlav) #1

here’s a quick image i did…
any comments would be great!

(rogerm3d) #2

That looks precarios, is the bowl floating?
Is the table cloth mealting, it sorta looks that way but thats really cool
Inspired Blending, thanx 8)

(digitalSlav) #3

actually the bowl is leaning on the stacked cups - can’t really tell from that angle… the bottom rim is also touching the table along with the curve of the bowl. as for the table cloth it has a couple wrinkles… don’t show up too well and for some reason there is no shadow under it?

was thinking about making a tut for my little sister to get started and needed something she could model and get textured.

(Elsdon) #4

Looks good. Looks like a nice job using marble to create the splatter ware.
One small thing, if your table is seperate meshes try turning the texture on the ring by 90 degrees. It may look more natural that way.


(ec2) #5

I like the cups a lot. Good WIP.

(S68) #6

Table texture need downscaling, IMHO


(SGT Squeaks) #7

I think that the table texture is a bit to bright. The first thing I looked at was the table and the colors don’t look very natural. But those cups and that bowl look great!! I mean really great!!