cups really exiting, jusy want to know what you think.
I want to add a shadow on the cups in the background,so if you knows how , its a big help.The background is a plane whit a picture.
Internal render in ao.
Comments and so are very welcome. :yes: Thanks

Looks good. The cups in the background look like they are floating, though I am not sure if this could be caused by the lack of shadows and reflections on the counter.

The perspective is wayyyyyyy off.
Probably a result of that plane-background, but it’s really trippy.

I love those stairs.

I think you should use nodes to compose the image in…I have an idea on shadows…let me test… the cups are pretty good…yes the one’s in the background could use some work…but other than that it’s good
edit…didn’t really work…you could post pro it in with like gimp though