curating an online virtual exhibition - 3d artists needed

The online gallery space is made modelled and coded using Blender3d in co-ordination with its online capabilities for display and exploration of virtual space using the Web Plugin.
Essentially the space is a walkthrough, where the user has complete control of movement via their keyboard and mouse to explore the space navigating anywhere they please inside the gallery.
The gallery is displayed inside of an ActiveX plugin that is embedded into a webpage for viewing via Internet Explorer (unfortunately it is limited to only IE due to slightly outdated programming).

The idea behind the space is internet communities and how they are an ever-widening pathway to share work, share creative ideas ,collaborate in projects and network. This was inspired by communities such as youtube, myspace and arts forums.

“solitary exploration of space.”
“the internet as a space of its own right.”

Comparison (advantages/disadvantages) of this type of display of artists work online in 3 dimensions - as opposed to a conventional 2d web page.

Using the internet as a tool to make contact with members of arts based online communities I am looking for artists interested in the concept of virtual spaces and online accessibility for arts.

The show ideally would be group show of sculpture based/ installations of 3d models, giving a sense of physicality/tangibility that only exists in virtual space as an illusion.

If you are at all interested in contributing to this Project please post - no doubt you will have some questions.

Here is a link to the website where now 2 versions of the gallery are embedded:

Sounds like a great idea, i have some 3d pedestals and a few sculptures from my mindspace 3d gallery, you could have these if you wanted , i also have some picture frames, and if you sent me a few drawings i would be happy to make some 3d thingybobs

if you want to post up a couple of stills of the models here in this thread that would be great - or you can contact me at [email protected]. I’m interested to hear about your mindspace project - have followed the links attached to your post but I think I’d rather hear from you about it anyway.

Ok, ill render them now:

My 3d Mindspace gallery, with 2 pedestals and 2 sculptures

And i cant find the frame, but ill take a look

I like the the look of your primitive tv (if thats in fact what it is) - and the cosmic crazy shapes.
If you can imagine… it would be like having a sculpture exhibition but all 3d modelled work instead. Are you making these inside of blender? Do you consider them to be art with context/concepts?

Actually they were all just for a “sight under construction” sign, animated ofcorse, and you can assign animated textures to anything,so you could use that as a tv, and if you send me a sketch i can make pretty much anything:D:D:D:D:D

Well Im not really wanting to ‘curate’ peoples art in that way, im wanting them to either submit finished work or to make something that is to do with the concept of the gallery. My work is the gallery and the setup of the show and bringing it all together (all going to plan…) So it is up to you as an artist if you want to submit something to the show - hope this makes sense. - edie

Feel Free To Use it,

OR NOT, my FTP server is down, try laiter]

why not use flash?

Its easyer to use the blender plugin, because it goes direct, and you’re pc spec sucks"""!!!


Different Link,

in flash you would have to animate every possible location of the person as they were moving around the space - if you know what i mean - you would be considering all axis and all possible positions that you would have to individually animate and it would be a HUGE amount of work- not so good if you want to keep changing the content of the space also, and not as free or easy for the person to navigate. Strafing would be limited and movement in general may be smooth but not as smooth as this plugin seems to push out.

hmm imho it would be better to make it client-server based than web-based, web browsers aren’t any good with realtime-rendering.

an easy example would be a blender GE walkthrough with python scripts to get/put data to an ftp server. then you’d have everything premade anyway.

----i dont want this to get too technical, im wanting to use this thread for artist interest and communication)
joeab - i have brought your rainbow warped box into the gallery, but for the webplugin/texface i need the image you used for your material. I hope you are alright with my just going ahead and doing this - its is mainly for experimental purposes at this point anyhow - thanks

I Think the materials and images are packed, if not you can put whatever texture you want with them!!

Heres the logo if youneed that

Any texture I want? But then its not all your work. I’m looking for people who are wanting to submit models that they have made and want to display as digital art. I dont want to change peoples work in any way. If you are not really making pieces that have a sense of purpose asides from being something you would make for a portfolio… - I would like to see anything else you have?
I went to unpack the .blend file but it said it was not packed.

Here is the address of the basic website that I have embedded the Virtual Galleries into - There are 2 versions of the Gallery at present - you can navigate to them from the left side of the site. - DIVE Online Project Space

I am looking to get feedback from artists/others about which space seems more appropriate for online exhibition of artists 3d sculptures/models.
You can post feedback here - or the link along the top saying ‘send feedback’ sends me an email (it will open your default email client - so if you dont have one, dont bother, just post here on this thread).
I will be setting up a forum on the dive site itself over the next few weeks for artists feedback.

Ok, ill send you my material library,

and i just looked round the gallery, COOLEO
though, brick texture, for a gallery?


The url is:

the material for the pedistles is marble shinny and the squair is rusted iron!!

yeh the bricks have been previously described as dungeon like - I’ll change the bricks and see how it looks - maybe I can create a 3rd version of the space that is a mix of the two that are online at the moment. I’ll get back to you when I’ve got that one up and running.
Thanks for the file again - will work with it tonight.

I actually made a virtual art gallery not too long ago, as a walk-through, with an out-door balcony, Main Gallery with mezzanine, tech gallery and a basement, and I never had the chance to use it. It’s lying around at home somewhere. I’ll dig it up for you if you like!

I hope this helps - It’s not lit and the logic bricks are acting up a bit, but it might do the trick!

Blend File.