Curiosity about pinning in cloth (dynamic method)

After many research, I have a doubt; Pinning Cloth in Blender can be “released” with a method which can be a falloff, gradual release of the vertex group or other?

Basically, during an animation WITHOUT using keyFrame, I can decide to release the pinning cloth in Blender dynamically (like flag fly about from spar after a period of time with a dynamic method)?

Thanks for any answer!!

I used this add-on for dynamically pinning my cloth on characters and making changes on the go.

You’ve seen the development here on BlenderArtists, thanks for the info:)

So, It’s not possible in blender without add-on?

Thanks, and it does a really good job.
you can use other object to pin the cloth and move them whenever to unpin.

And not that I know of. I tried looking for ways until I ran into this addon.

Ok, thanks for reply [email protected] :slight_smile:

I was interested in “released” a pinning with a falloff map or texture… hummm … hopefully it can be done!!!