Curiosity [Cycles]

Hey there,

my newest Projekt:

Curiosity is not always healthy :wink:

Would like to hear what you think about it :slight_smile:

Amazing concept! Recently I haven’t tested Cycles much… nice render!

I could only suggest giving the scene a more definite focus, because every scene needs one, IMHO. When I first saw the render, I thought maybe the blue ball was the focus. But then I realized the tentacles behind the door. Maybe you could bring the tentacles out a little more and add like an eyeball tentacle, which would be the focal point of the picture. At any rate, the ball should probably go, because it takes the viewer’s attention away from the theme: Curiosity is not always healthy.

So, anyway, feel free to do anything with it. Maybe if you wanted to progress in scene composition you could google it and read up. I’ve done this before and my artwork has improved drastically.

Bottom line, don’t settle for a decent render. Keep working on it, and it will be truly great.

thank you TheHook!

I added an eyeball tentacle and made the others more obvious and my render got a focal point but i realized you absolutely loose the theme …
So I added the sword near the camera to turn the whole thing around … now the monster seems to be threatened and it should think about its curiosity…
So far my theory :wink:

I think the theme now is quite plausible but I’m not quite shure about how the depth of field looks …
I think it looks quite ok … haven’t tested it without dof yet because the rendertime is about 30 mins :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you guys think about it?

Looks nice, maybe you could lower the DOF a bit.
Another suggestion that may help is lowering shadow quality and resolution and turning off indirect lighting for the test renders, so you can test it out to see how it will look before making your final render.
Hope this helps, it looks nice though, neat work!

Good work. Get rid of the sword and put the ball/marble back in.

thanks dleri

updates done:
fixed mapping issue on center tentacle and redered the with ball (wich actually is a glowing mushroom ;)) and sword in comparisson:

I really can’t tell wich one i like better …
I think the sword brings out the theme better but if you ignore the theme i guess the mushroom looks better…

What do you guys think?

PS: I rendered it in low quality to save rendertime, I’ll post the finished one in high quality

nice project so far…

personally i think adding more objects to your scene don’t make your render better… the quality of your scene and materials will do a lot more. i am not sure if its because of low sampling but the bumpiness looks a bit overdone. the iron on the door can be more reflective/glossy at some points. use a mask for rusty spots to reduce it. try to make the grass more translucent. probably you need to disable the shadow-ray, otherwise it would cast to much shadow but that you will see yourself. try to illuminate the tentacles more, perhaps by adding a emission using the transmission-ray/reflection ray only. something like that

what i mean actually is go into detail of your materials/shaders will do a lot better IMO. remember “Less is More” in composition.

happy noodling…

Maybe the mushroom stalk could be taller so it’s mushroomyness is more evident.