Curiosity: Do you work in CG? Or just for fun...

(tlaloc58) #1

Just wondering how many people work in CG, I personally don’t but I hope some day I will.

(BgDM) #2

I wish I was in CG. I stopped doing art when I got to high school because I wanted to continue with the music program. Looking back, I wish I never did that. I could be working for ILM by now :wink: .

Anyway, I just do this cause there is still a bit of an artist in me, and I need to get it out somehow. Plud, I get to make really cool stuff :smiley:


(mrmunkily) #3

No - I’m studying Molecular Biology. but if that falls through, CG is my next priority.

(ScottishPig) #4

3D is a good hobby… It’s more constructive than gaming and it keeps kids off the streets. :slight_smile:

(rogerm3d) #5

Once I get out of school/ collage I plan to go into CG or else become a freelance artist. But right now its still just a hobby for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

(CubeFan973) #6

Just something to keep myself occupied…

Though I am planning on becoming good enough to make cool 3D movies and/or games.

(haunt_house) #7

Curiosity: Do you work in CG? Or just for fun…

neither nor :smiley:

(dreamsgate) #8

I work as a graphic designer for a print shop and I have just started my own business doing more or less the same thing.

I do 3D modeling and animation just for my own pleasure. When it isn’t frustrating and pissing me off, it tickles the daylights out of me.

(tlaloc58) #9

I’m torn between civil engineer, (already got my degree in that) or CG, I just feel more release of testorone when I smell the fresh concrete and see something big and tall standing for a long time. But right now CG is just a hobbie.

(stukkm) #10

just a hobby for me right now. still in highschool, so it’ll be some time before i achieve my dream of fame and riches for my l33t CG skillz :wink: (if that ever happens). but seriously, when i’m older i’d really like to do something in cg, whether it’s cool graphics or games. not for any appreciation for art, though. not that there is anything wrong with art, but i don’t care to have my work symbolize what i’m feeling or anything. i’m just in this to make the sweetest eye candy possible.

(Alltaken) #11

next year i start Design school (actualy its a university) and i think i am getting a $4000 scholarship to go there.

fingers crossed cause then i can become a 3d animator.

anyway if i don’t become an animator then i will surely use alot skills that i have learnt along the way.

design school requires use of computers and has a course where in your last year you make a 10 min aprox animation using programs like maya and stuff.

but i think if i do that course i will still use blender for things like modeling or compositing (if blender can do somthing better).

gotta start somwhere.
hobies can become jobs

(Titus) #12

I don’t know exactly because I’m unemployed or in a freelance period as we (unemployed) prefer to say :-? .