curiosity, whats the highest framerate you rendered for a custommer ?

I use Blender for product development for some industrial processes.
To get a good sense of what is going on, and how to improve some shapes for physical interaction of a machine.
I had to render it at 60 fps, and i used cycles to get good impressions (using 3PC’s 2xCPU and 1 6xGPU)
Eventually will emulate a highspeed line-scan camera. (a lot faster). But that’s after i have software in place then i will match software processing speed (which i currently don’t know), to verify what should be going on.
Blender is kinda ideal for this, because it so well made around camera’s. and has good editing an animation options.

Now i wonder what other people’s high frame-rate are for productions.

To me it feels kinda strange to render at such frame-rates as for animation usually its 30fps or bare minimum 24fps.