Old model which I wanted to use in bigger scene, but for some reasons I had to render it separately.
I wanted to underline his face expression. He’s little bit crazy or scary;) (?)

modelled in blender - maps in zbrush, rendered in internal, postpro in gimp.

Really nice.
Is he rigged?
My only criticism is with the shininess of the eyes, but that’s only a minor one.
Hats off to you!

Very nice,
He looks more crazy than scary I think :cool:,
the picture looks almost like it is painted :D.
Great job!

Amazing, I’d love to see that animated.

Very nice! Great textures! Eyes could use a bit of extra work but overall very nice image

Good stuff.
The white liquid thing on the right eye doesn’t look natural.
The title doesn’t fit the image either.
4 stars.

Excellent !
He looks like Gollum :slight_smile: