curious about Papervision 3D

As mentioned a while back in on Blendernation, has anybody done any work with Papervision?

I myself am attempting to jump in over winter break with the hope of bringing more of my projects into realtime next semester.

I am curious if anybody has any tips, suggestions or might be willing to share some work!

The blog of Papervision shows some interesting stuff. And I’ve just discovered today that it’s open source, so is it possible to export datas from blender to papervision ? That would be great because more and more websites will use it I guess.

well Bupla, as stated earlier, I have indeed spent my Christmas break learning about Flash and Papervision and how well Blender works with them … and I have discovered this:

perfectly fine!

Papervision uses the Collada file type for 3D assets, and Blender is one of the few 3D applications that includes nearly flawless Collada export support.

The most difficult part in the whole process was setting up Papervision. Even now, I am not very good at the whole process as I am not much of a coder. I am learning however.

Hey, I’ll even give you a link to a little test I did (ugly colors). Its a cute little low poly house thing in 3D using Flash and Papervision. (it rotates on its own, but you can click and rotate the model yourself)
Give it a shot! I’ll post something in a more noticeable thread later on.

Well done peter, it’s inspiring !
I must try it.

That’s why I heard so many people speak about this “great Collada export support”: apparently only just a few 3D applications support it, including Blender of course.

Just found this

I’m wondering that froms several months ago. I’ll be happy to hear more from you guys; i think you will be faster than i discovering this things… :wink:

I’m VERY impressed by this website, which uses papervison.

Some of the stuff is incredible. Check out the DOF test, just to the right of the first green bar on top navigation panel.

Hey peeps,

I thought I’d give an update about Blender + Papervision for the people who get directed here from google trying to find some answers.

I couldt find a way to control .DAE model animations with Papervision3D
So i switched to using .MD2 model files, the other format Papervision supports.

In Blender: Try to keep only one mesh and animate details with shapetweens and bones.
Then you can export a .MD2 file (>File>Export>MD2)

When you want to be able to call multiple animations from Papervision animate all of them after eachother on the timeline.

For example:

Your character jumping frame 1 to 50
Your character dancing frame 51 to 90.
Your character waving frame 91 to 110

Now create a txt file with the following data:

# MD2 Frame Name List
jumping     50
dancing      40
waving      20

This simply tells that the animation with the name ‘jumping’ uses the first 50 frames, the animation named ‘dancing’ uses the 40 frames after that. And ‘waving’ uses the 20 frames after that.

Now >File>Export>MD2
Choose the location where you want to safe your .md2 model. And choose the location of your Frame List file ( the txt we just created )

Export and voila!
Now you can use this model in Flash ( Papervision3D ) and call animations. Place an underscore behind the name of the animation when you call it to play: "dancing_" );

When it runs all the animations instead of your specified animation try removing the underscore. It depends on how the .md2 file was exported. 3dsMax for example doesnt use the underscores so when you exported your .md2 file from Max remove the underscore :slight_smile:

When you are not sure about it just open your md2 file with notepad ( it shows a lot of yibberish I know ) and search (ctrl-F) for the name of your animation and check how it is stated. For example does it say dancing_1 or dancing1.

I hope I helped some people who were looking for the same answers as I was.

More info here: