Curious about these type of gradients

I am interested in achieving these types of gradients with shader nodes:



I can see there is a contrast between a well defined part in some of those gradients and a smooth transition towards bluriness. I imagine first I would need to create a defined shape…and then tweak it to become almost like “dust” …

I am curious to know if anyone here ever tried these effects.

thank you

Yes, kind of this type, but to get one shape separated is difficult:

example_shader.blend (740.6 KB)

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At least the last image can be approximated by creating a radial gradient, where the steepness of the gradient depends on the angle (I think this should work for all shapes where you can get a description in polar coordinates):

radial_angular_gradient_1_v01.blend (119.1 KB)


I’ve been messing with this for a little while and have gotten somewhere close to the bottom one.


I’m going to experiment a little more later

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Thank you, It is really interesting, not close to the ref idea , but I think maybe I need to play.

Thanks so much for your time and work :slight_smile:

Looks really cooll, although I can see a darker ring that “cuts” the transition. Great to see that is possible!

Yeah you are right. The hard edge isn’t visible in the render though. It only appears when compressing to an 8 bit jpg. This could be improved by breaking it up the transition with noise.

I was combining my methodology with LordoftheFleas last night (uk time) and got better results. If I get time later I’ll clean up the files and post them.

Can you share what you have tried so far?

You could also try playing with lights

gradients.blend (883.0 KB)

I did not have time, but I will upload as soon as i find time.

This just came up:

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Really interesting.

Did you try mapping color ramp and using the depth of field?