Curious about this material and how to do it in cycles

Hi. I am building a scene for my furniture and I checked a render from Andres Reisinger that I really like, specifically the carpet:

I am curious about how to approach in cycles that type of carpet…maybe a with a tiny bit longer hair.

Do you usually use the hair particles…I guess no, but I am curious if its just an image texture with a displacement or bump plus roughness…or if its actually a hair material…and a surface full of particles.

I believe he uses octane…so no clue about the workflow in octane.

If anyone attempted before these kind of materials and have insights about it I would highly appreciate it.

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I believe he used a texture to drive the bumpiness of the surface. Since the hair of the carpet is very short, you don’t need to use a particle system. A procedural texture with microdisplacement will prefectly do the trick.

This is carpet, but looks like velvet. For realistic result, you need to good textures and good material setup.

Velvet material setup is nearly same for all render engines. You can read or watch some velvet material setup tutorials for any render engine and apply this for Cycles.

Or you can use pre-made velvet materials in the Vmats Material Library for Cycles and Eevee. For Fabrics, for Suede, for Rugs.