Curious behavior on saving

Hello everybody,

I use Blender 2.49.2 on Ubuntu 10.04.

I can’t save my work on an existing file (with the command “Save”) or (with the command “Save as” if the file already exists).

To save, I have to use the “Save as” command and give a new file name so that it does not exist before the backup. Needless to say it is impractical and that automatic backups are not working.

I tried with the version installed with Synaptic, with standard versions for python 2.5 and python 2.6, which can be downloaded from the Blender website. The problem remains.

This seems to me both trivial and yet elusive …

Thank you.

You need to buy the full version to be able to save…

Oh wait, nah! Blender is free :smiley: hooray!
Are you sure you got write rights to the location you try to save to?
I can´t judge your linux knowledge from here, but if the directory belongs to another user or to the root, you can´t write there.

The first idea is to verify the rights on the working directory. In my case, the write rights are on. If the write righs were off, the “Save as” command could not work, yet it does, so the write rights are actually on. The problem occurs only when the file already exists (command “Save” or command “Save as” on a existing file).

oh boy. hmm. scratches head
sorry, I am fresh out of ideas, I never had any problems saving or for that matter saving over existing files and I worked for over an year under ubuntu 10.04 and B2.49b in the studio…

seen this when you open a second file on Vista

and append from first file you cannot save if mofications done on first file cause the second fie is open !\

seems that last file is the only one with right to write !

amd it is not a bug !

happy 2.5

I don’t thing that could be a bug. That seems too big or too obvious to not be fixed yet. I think about configuration issues.

That is a new one on me too.

Is it only that file, or all files?

The first thing that comes to mind is somehow the existing file has become read only. How old is your hard drive? If it is failing it might exhibit behaviour like that.

Something else came to my mind.

What file systems are you using? You got dualboot?
Sometimes linux has “issues” when you open a file that is Fat32/NTFS and write it again.
Sometimes it is not about read/write rights, sometimes people got NTFS mounted RO and sometimes there are problems with group/owner. I noticed that opening a ntfs file with a different owner than you are on linux, it seems to work, but it refuses to save as it can´t set the new owner.
Don´t know how or why in particular but might be worth looking into.

No, I’m not in dual boot. I use exclusively an ext3 file system. In other way, I tried a 2.56a beta version, and … it works !

I discovered the problem with the synaptic package provided by Ubuntu. After that, I tried the standard 2.49b versions, with python 2.5 and 2.6, after cleaning tmp end .blender directories and complete removing and cleaning of the package with synaptic. The problem still occurs.

About configuration issues, even after complete cleaning, blender remembers the recently opened files… I don’t understand how it is possible. Something seems to remain after a deep cleaning.

well there is now a startup.blend file in the User area which is not erased when you change version so you keep it
unless there is a major change like from 2.54 to 2.55 then you have to copy it to the new 2.55 folder from old 2.54 folder!

at least on Vista don’t know on other systems but probably the same i guess

happy 2.5

I had the same problem, but with Win7Pro and Blender 2.58. I was trying to save a WIP and getting an error “Can’t open the ‘path’. Permission denied.” The problem is that I hadn’t re-set the permissions and all the Blender files were set to ‘read only’. Rest to allow write etc. Should work now.