Curl-Up creature

I’m trying to make one of those insect-like things crawling around Escher’s “house of stairs.” Any suggestions or tips are very welcome because I haven’t [successfully] modeled anything as complex as this - and it’s just a bunch of box segments and some feet! %|

see ya

deja vu. I started this creature once but got sidetracked and forgot about it until I saw your picture. Good start. I think the segments are a bit too square and I think the head is separate from the segments. Don’t remember for sure.

Anyway keep it up you are going in the right direction.

what do you mean by the head is separate? the first two segment-like parts were modeled kind of blending in to the head.

oh, and about the segments: right now they are each separate meshes and I positioned them in the wavy shape that they are in the drawings. would it be better to have the lying flat to add a armature?
and is there anything i can do to make sure the segments will bend right to get the thing to roll up into a wheel?

look here

I think paradox is right, the head also seems to be made of separate segments. And the body appears to be longer on your reference image.

Anyway, it’s a good start!

I have to disagree about the head being made out of separate segments. If you’ll look here.
It looks like 3 attached segments and a lower jaw-like thingy.

I do agree about the body being too short tho. I’ll probably remodel it 'cause I don’t like how I did it.

Nice start,

it looks quite similar to the reference image. I love Escher too :slight_smile:


…hey, that’s not fair - it’s a different reference picture :smiley:

I’m a fan of Escher, too - I remember doing a puzzle of ‘Metamorphose II’ with 3000 pieces - the parts that only consist of continuous patterns were absolutely evil :wink:

Re: head - my mistake I remembered it wrong . You are closer to the head than I first thought. Teach me to rely on my memory.

ah a ‘wentelteefje’ or ‘rolpens’ i remember reading that in a art book. id love to see one of those in blender.

good luck.