Curly Haired Woman

Maybe it’s because I’ve been working on this for about a month, but it looks worse and worse everytime I see this. I’m trying to go for realism inside Eevee (real-time). At this point I can’t tell what needs to be adjusted and I really want to call this finished.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here are some examples of what I’m going for in terms of realism.


Honestly, she looks fantastic!

The only thing I can really spot that can easily be improved, is that her hair near the root doesn’t seem to have enough segments, and so it’s a little blocky. Add some more definition to that area, and turn on b-spline if you haven’t already (essentially subsurf for hair particles)

But really, it’s very nice work!

Sorry, I should’ve mentioned that the hair are actually cards. About 27k tris or something ridiculous but any fewer and the hair looks sparse and rigid.

I’ll see if I can’t subdivide only the roots and fix that issue though!

lol when i was scrolling by i thought this was one of those reference picture previews O.O

lets not even mention the fact those are “hair cards”… definitely fooled me. then again im on a mobile and didnt zoom in to the full res.

i know whats its like to work on something for so long your perception gets distorted. work on something else (not characters imo) or just a break in general to sort of “reset”. then hopefully you can see how good it really is. however, the unfortunate truth about realism on a simulated platform is the closer we get, the further “realistic” is. each iteration narrows the scope of detail finesse to the point in which simulated capabilities are exceeded. this is where a “reset” is needed to forget all the little details that arent quite right to your eyes. even something as simple as pixel resolution is a major hindrance to the subtleties the human eye expects. the point is, the big picture is whats really important, especially for realtime applications.

disclaimer: im no expert, and not even an artist at all really, but ive done some attempts at setting a scene.

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Yeah. shes really well done. And the hair cards are tremendous. But as to the scalp area. What you can do is leave a little gap with the hair cards in front, and slightly lower down the head, add a particle hair “strip” bordering the scalp cards. Make the hair particles as coarse or fine as you care, but make sure the hairs look " random" It’ll provide a more natural transition edge from skin to the cards.