curnurb interpolated value


I want to convert a nurb surface to a bpatch(4x4 patches) surface.
To fit the bpatches to the nurb, I had the idea to sample points from the nurb surface and calculate a fitting bezier patches.
Is there a way to retrieve an interpolated position on a nurb surface(curve)?

Here an example of a bpatch(emulated in blender):

don’t know but all Nurbs surf are being re written right now from this month on
and will be included in 2.5 this spring i guess hopefully

so i would wait before doing anything with it till it’s working in 2.5
unless you want to stay with 2.49 !

but why do you want to find and equivalent for this why not simply convert it to a mesh and use it ?

happy blendering

VDrift(Open Source Racing Simulator) uses bezier patches to describe the road surface(it has to be smooth to have a realistic simulation of forces generated between tire and road).

I plan to use blender 2.49 as track editor. Blender has nurbs. So the artist would use them to describe the road surface. A script would convert them to bezier patches. The conversion is not that complicated as soon as I have some surface points.

But it looks like I have to switch to quadstrips as road surface representation.

Had a closer look at the nurbs surface in blender 2.49 It fully supports a bezier surfaces of order 4(no need to convert):smiley:
I think I was irritated by the way the control points are represented. But it makes sense now.
Each bezier control point in Blender is actually a triple(contains the neighbour points).