Current best laptop for Blender?

What’s the best laptop for Blender, that is out now or in the next few months?

Ideally it would have these features too:

  • Convertible/2-in-1 form factor for pen input
  • Linux compatible
  • Nvidia graphics (I also do ML experiments, I don’t need strong performance (I use the cloud for that) but I do want to be compatible with CUDA libs, etc. for experimenting)
  • VR capable (again, I do a bit of experimenting with VR, I don’t need great VR performance on this machine, but ideally I could plug in an Oculus or Index and get some work done. Typically, this means a port (DP, HDMI, etc.) connected to the dGPU, not an integrated GPU which is often the case even if a laptop has a dGPU, but there are sometimes other requirements too)
  • eGPU (this is less important, but I think would basically let me replace my desktop, which would be great)

But most important of all, just great support for Blender and the features for creating animations.

i guess it all depends on your budget. I don’t know a lot about all the technical stuffs but I bought a HP Omen several months ago, it looks like a good computer even though the speakers died quicky (but I don’t care, I use headphones), it’s the 15-dc1073nf with Nvidia GTX 1660Ti and I bought it 900 euros (1,000 dollars?). It’s enough for what I do in Blender, especially since Eevee, for Cycles it seems as powerful as my macbook pro which was twice this price.

If you need pen input and a 2-in-1 form factor, I’d say an Acer ConceptD or an ASUS ProArt StudioBook would be one of the most powerful out there. The ConceptD has an RTX 2080 and the ProArt StudioBook has a Quadro RTX 5000. They both have Windows 10 pre-installed but you can replace it with a Linux Operating System. The ConceptD has an Intel Core i9 processor and the ASUS ProArt StudioBook has an Intel Xeon.

Both these laptops are marketed towards content creators, enthusiasts and professionals making them extremely expensive.