Current Linux CVS

Okay all, i finally got things how i want on my box, so, i’m going to keep this link up to date. I will have the current CVS for linux here. Current as in daily snapshot. Hope you all find it useful.


Thank you :smiley:



I’ve built from source before, but not from CVS. Can I buy a clue?

CVS is the current development version of Blender.


CVS ( Concurrent Versions System ) is the revision control software we use to manage the Blender source code. We keep the source files in a CVS repository.

You can think of CVS as a database of file versions. Our repository has ALL versions of blender; past and current.

I should have been more specific. I know what CVS is, and I’ve even dl’ed what’s on the CVS server to my system, but I haven’t seen a configure file, so how do I build this?

Check this out: