current project :: ship

Hi everyone!

I am working on a scene that involves a
spaceship flying in space, going down through
the atmosphere, and landing somewhere in the

Here is the ship, currently. I have been focusing
on lighting, lately, so textures and everything else
is to come later.

(ignore the planet, it is there just for the effect, and
I spent about 2 minutes on it. also ignore the stars,
that was also a quick thing…) :slight_smile:

I welcome a advice and criticism.



I like the spaceship :smiley:

it have a really good style and the modelling is quite good!

Maybe add an interior with a pilot (I know it’s difficult but it add alot to the pic ;))

Keep up working! :smiley:

:o nice ship.

bump map the planet.

very clean! i like it!

the only thing i see to improve is the ring of the planet… It just seems too small of a ring for such a fat planet.

Hi again!

Thanks everyone for you opinions and advice.

X-Warrior, I haven’t put it into the new image,
but I will add a pilot. I agree that it would add
alot to the image.

iluvblender, how’s the planet now? :slight_smile:
The shape of the ship was slightly insipred
by my Dad’s three wheeled car he is designing.
( )

crazymopho, I made the ring a bit bigger, and
added some noise to it too. How is it?

Thanks again everyone, very much!

And now, the new render:

Derek Mounce
[email protected]

Not bad, not bad!!! I like the design of the ship as well, it could use a bevel here or some more minor detail but good none the less!!! :wink:
Now just set the star distance from the camera farther away, and perhaps lessen the amount of stars, and you will have a very nice pic!!! :wink:

Keep it up!!! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

Much better [!]

this going to be animated, or what?

I like the planet, it seems to almost glow. Very nice!!