Current rapid proto viability vs. the usual suspects

Hiya, forum virgin here reporting for duty.

Foreword: Coming from game dev gfx background, and finally decided to give Blender a proper go given the currently very promising feature set, just to see if it has all it takes to be a serious contender against the Giants. Been doing these checks regularly along the years, only leading to instant headache and prompt dismissal. Sorry for being blunt.

Disregarding the yet still -it seems- neglected point of production pipeline integration given the new user experience and general approachability, let alone adhering or atleast easing out the transition to common pipe pragma, I very much salute your work and ethos.

Currently I’m evaluating if Blender would be -finally, for ideological reasons mostly- a suitable replacement atleast for my modeling pipe. That evolved very fast to getting shiny eyed towards the sculpting suite. Especially the rapid proto one, that is dynatopo.

But alas, there’s teething problems. And lot’s of them, it seems.

It’s all fun and games while snakehooking & claystripping away. But once you see, that there’s a clearly lassoable area that you’d need to trim away, you’re shit out of luck. Or soft sel a similar area for a quick translate.

Highly counterintuitive & -productive for rapid proto.

I do acknowledge, that I might very well be just ignorant of the possible options to do just that. But that should mostly speak volumes about quality of the documentation I trawled through. Or the representation of that.

Anyhow, any and all solutions are more than welcome.

And very sorry for sounding toxic. The fact is, The Blender project is the best thing to happen in the 3D scene in a very long time, and that’s not easily said. Keep up the good work, guys & gals <3

Next time, please write in English. I’m not very experienced in sculpting in blender but knowing some it’s tools I tend to think that it’s entirely possible to use blender for rapid prototyping but that completely depends on your knowledge of it’s tools. Just like every other software, Blender comes with it’s strengths and weaknesses, no 3D modeling software is perfect.