current state of the game engine?

ok, i have never really used the game engine, but it seems to be operational on a couple of the latest builds, so i have been fooling with it. I think I am doing everything correctly, but I can’t seem to get a collision to work. i hit p and my actor just falls right through everything. is it my noobness, or is the game engine only partially enabled in recent builds? ( just thought i’d ask before i spent too much time watching my sphere fall off the screen, in case I am just spinning my wheels. ) thanks in advance.

What do you mean with recent builds? The game features have been deactivated in the official builds (2.26-2.31). You are probably refering to the tuhopuu builds which use ODE. I’ve played a bit around with it some time ago and collision detection didn’t work like in 2.25. You’ve had to use a cube instead of a single plane so that collision worked properly - maybe this has been changed.
But as it seems ppl are working on bringing back the game engine with SOLID.

yeah they are not the official bfblender, just recent experimental type builds. I tried putting him in a box too, but nada.

Not “in” - let him bounce onto a flattened cube and make sure the normals are pointing outward.

Are you talking about ODE in Tuhopuu2?

If so, make sure you set the collision geometry in Edit Buttons/Object Buttons. Under the Bounds button is a drop down with the list - Box, Sphere, Cylinder (Capsule) and Polyheder are implemented.

If you are using Polyheder (ie use the mesh for collision) you should note that:

  1. Only Sphere<->Polyheder works reliably. Box<->Polyheder is supposed to work.
  2. Make sure the normals point the right way. Other collision primitives collide with the ‘outside’ of the polygons, where ‘outside’ is the direction the normals face.

Polyheders are the only primitive you can put something inside of - the other objects are considered solid.

Also, make sure you are using the ‘Kesterji’ game engine. With autoconf, …/tuhopuu2/configure --enable-gameengine=kesterji

If you build with …/tuhopuu2/configure --enable-gameengine it will try to build with SOLID. Currently, collision & physics are working but the other SOLID dependant bits are not (sensor bricks, shadows, …)

Interesting note: You can get box collisions for static geometry (instead of per polygon) in the SOLID game engine by enabling ‘Bounds’ in Edit Buttons/Object Buttons (Can’t remember which one.)

Ahhh! I get it now! ( not tuhopuu2, latest cvs build ) Thanks man. :smiley: Ok I am off to try that out. Thanks again for the very concise explanation.

That’s really interesting! :smiley:

What? in what version of tuhopuu has polyheder or whatnot? Where can i get a build?!


Pooba, I believe it can be obtained from page 1 of Ztonzys thread in news and chat. Regularly updated.

I don’t know if Ztonzy is actually building the gameengine with his builds.

Hos has a build here:
App has some builds and some nifty demos here: