Current state of x64 Blender?

I often hear from ton, among others, saying that 64bit binary is unreliable, corrupts saved files, and could potentially be a big hazard, just out of curiousity, what is the state for the 2.43 release? Is x64 still something to be avoided?

The reason I asked is because I noticed there seems to be an ‘official’ x64 release for 2.43:

Last I heard from Ton (two weeks ago) he said it was not going to be fixed in the 2.43 version, but that it would/could be on the list for 2.44.

so the linux x86_64 bit version i see won’t be officially suported? or even released?

There still does not seem to be an official 2.43 x86_64 release. The FC6 repositories still point to 2.42a.

Actually, Ton is working on making Blender 64-bit safe right now. I’ve been checking some of the logs.

I’ve tested some stuff yesterday, and yes, the known remaining problems seem indeed solved, linking to “32bit” blend files works, also ID-Properties are no longer lost when switching between 32bit and 64bit blender.
You can now compile it without having to affirm that you’re stupid and get no warnings when starting blender, which means ton is very pleased with the testing :smiley:

Lynx: ROCK! I’ve been waiting for that post.

Hmm … if this is so, then I see some X2 3600’s coming my way in not so distant future … crossing fingers so they all be hitting 3gig.

I am using Ubuntu Linux 7.04, 64-bit. There is a 64-bit build of Blender 2.43 in the official Ubuntu repository. But it doesn’t work correctly, and if you start it from a terminal window you’ll see a warning about this.

The Ubuntu maintainers shouldn’t have put a non-working 64-bit Blender 2.43 in their official package repository… :mad:

I hope Blender 2.44 will be 64-bit safe, because I’d rather use 64-bit Linux than Windows XP… We’ll just have to have patience.

I complained about that at this link, but nobody really cared.

im getting the windows op system, i really need it to be 64bits, am i gonna have trouble with blender???
what about, yafray and indigo???

Windows is good to have around. I keep both WinXP and Linux Ubuntu ( dual boot) on this computer. If your hardware is really top notch Vista would be good, but most people are better off with XP.
Ubuntu 64 bit is a bit buggy compared to Ubuntu 32 bit. Not their fault, 3d party software for linux 64 is slow in coming. If you like to tweak and play with operating systems 64 does offer a huge performance jump. Test render for me is around 4:30 for 32 bit (xp or Linux) and 2:44 for 64 bit linux.

The Ubuntu maintainers shouldn’t have put a non-working 64-bit Blender 2.43 in their official package repository… :mad:

True. It has worked ok for me so far ( knock on wood) but I would have stuck with 32 bit if I had known it could be an issue.