Current tutorials vs Cycles renderer

What happens with most of tutorials when Cycles comes? Cycles menus is wayy different than Blender internal?

I must have missed the memo is it ask obvious questions day. What happens to tutorials when any part of Blender changes significantly, the current tutorials get outdated and than someone goes off and makes a new tutorial. This happens with other things besides blender and it happens to be the reason that technical books tend to come out in editions. Things get obsolete all the time its a never ending cycle.

I am sure you knew the answer to this which begs the question why ask such an obvious question.

Instead of that, why dont we get some cycles tuts ?

I’ll cry of joy, because cycles is out.

Right now it’s sort of an awkward time where it’s still too early for cycles tutorials. A lot of the workflow-related decisions are still under discussion right now and many things are subject to change.

is sure that will be appear new tutorials for cycles

Sounds like the O.P. just signed up™ to write the first ones!

Gee, thanks!!