current work - female body, male and alien head

(solmax) #1
My first seriuos attempt for anatomically correct modelling. Mesh consists of 4126 polys, susurface on, subdiv=2. As a reference I used some sketches form Richard Suchy, you can find them here:
Also have a look at his tut’s, which I actually didn’t use for my work.
This is part of a pirate character project, more cartoonish style. mesh is rather quick’n’dirty, but I have only little time to finish. Yet to be done: back of head, entire body, texturing, and animation (some emotion, walkcycle etc…)
This lil visitor was first done in LW (including animation), then I decided to give it a try in blender. model is entirely new, animation shouldn’t be a problem, but I don’t know how to rebuilt the shaders I used in LW - skin had a cool electron-microscope-look, using a gradient for Lum/Alpha with incidence angle as input (fresnel-like). I have no idea how to accomplish that in Blender. maybe someone has an idea? any hints are welcome grab this pic as a reference

Greets solmax

(S68) #2

Cool images,

Liked the alien most :slight_smile:


(sten) #3

nice work :slight_smile: