Current workforce POLL

Please, answer the 5 questions to make the survey consistent.

  • I’m eager to work … , currently, right now or soon, on … (3 choices possible)
  • in collaboration (…) a full template
  • in collaboration (…) a python module
  • in collaboration (…) a playable game
  • in collaboration (…) another thing (R&D, documentation , …)
  • alone (…) a full template
  • alone (…) a python module
  • alone (…) a playable game
  • alone (…) another thing (R&D, documentation wiki, …)
  • on nothing

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  • Which kind of game/template you want to see the most created next on BGE (2 choices)
  • fps (Quake - like)
  • rpg (Diablo III - like)
  • simulator (mainly flying)
  • racing (Need for Speed - like)
  • platform (Yo Frankie - like)
  • beat-em-up (Oni - like)
  • all-in-one (GTA - Skyrim- like)
  • else

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  • What are the things on which you can would considerer yourself as potentially helpful (up to 5 choices). Regardless your answers on the first question)
  • efficient game logic design
  • realistic animation
  • creating clean assets
  • making nice materials
  • sound engineering
  • elegant python scripting
  • deep matrix and trigonometry comprehension
  • none, all my stuff would be probably corrected/reviewed by others

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  • Why I am currently on this forum ? (up to 3 choices)
  • WIP
  • for support
  • to learn new things on BGE
  • \ 25x25
  • just curious on what’s going on
  • i don’t want you to know

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  • What amount of time are you ready to spend if you are currently working (or ready to work) on a project.
  • 2h / week
  • 2-10h / week
  • 10-half time / week
  • full time

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Thanks for answering

the last question needs a “whenever the hell i want” :wink:


yeah, i though about it but that can create some disasters in project coordination. There’s also the question “with who”, “what” and “on which condition”. But better keep it round in a first time and ask people an average on which they think they can sustain on


1st of all. I voted. Not nice that I’m a poll question.

2nd of all. Nice typos :arrow_down:

Comma after a period.

On* BGE :thinking: (On*) ?

i thought that icon was associated with your gang of guns project? after all, you arent the only one with that icon…

EDIT: doesnt editing a post with a poll erase the vote data? this is an internet forum, no one cares about perfect grammar, get over it.

I have considered that if the wiki contained sections for both currently developing games, and Bge developer profiles, then people could place them selfs, or there projects, in a lfg or glf list. If some one didn’t respond in a timely fashion, then they could simply be removed from the list.
Btw, this may not be the best time to mention this but… If one wishes for people to make significant contributions to a project, there has to be stated, at minimum these two things. What licensing agreement the project is under and how to submit material. Otherwise, it is as if no thing had been said at all.

Hi Cortu,

I was close to send a very long answer to this thread, then i deleted all coz i feel that talking is useless.

Whoever is motivated, will react and shows interest in a collaboration.One can figure later how one can make things more formal.

I’m still okey to create a mini-team for making a template : fps-oni (further extended to a gta-like?). I will write a page on on what i’ve done so far. All the animations and assets in my template will be shared with the contributors

in any cases, if the documentation is done, everyone can shows up and join the project at any time.