Currently stuck on something small, need some guidance!

Alright boys and girls. It may not be a hard problem, but im new to blender. I am currently setting up a facial rig, custom bone shapes and key drivers. When I set my custom bone shape to where I want it to go, it comes out in the shape I want which is great, but it comes out in a place I do not want it to be. I’ve looked around and can’t find anything. Say for example I am setting a custom shape for my bone to copy on the eyebrow, that shape will come out in the middle of the nose and in random spots.

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I guess your object center is offset. It should correspond to the “head” of the bone you are customizing.
So, If you created it where it should be in the end, your object center has to be at the position of the head of the bone.

As for orientation, from the back of my head the “Y” axis of your mesh will be used along the “Y” axis of the bone.

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… or just move the shape around in edit mode until it is in the right place on your model.

under the custom bone designation there is also an ‘at’ field. This lets you put the bone control at another bone.

Mostly though the placement of custom shapes is done by selecting all the verts of the shape in edit mode, and moving them. As you do this you will see your custom bone move too, although it may do it in odd ways depending on the orientation just keep dragging until you figure out that dragging up moves the bone down or rotating left moves it right etc.