--------Currently working on an adventure game---------

(lemmy) #1

I am currently working on a cool adventure game called KALUTAC: Journey of souls 8) Kinda cheesy, but oh well. If you’re interested, Respond to this post, and I’ll send you an alpha version if you want.

(Blender_owl) #2

i would help but im entered in a game contest right now. But can i get the demo

(lemmy) #3

I’m just replying to keep my message at the TOP!!!

(Blender_owl) #4

so can i get the alpha.

(lemmy) #5

Ok, I will send you an exe file via e-mail. But My game is not very far into completion. It only has a small map, a jumping ability, a walking animation, and a menu.

(ineedanewbi) #6

woh… same here… give me a copy

i’d be best to create screenshots, they’re small in size and shows off the game well enough

hopefully ur game is small and is less than 1 meg when zipped
send to
[email protected]

(saluk) #7

Yes, I would like to see as well:)

[email protected]