cursor and game?

how do i make the mouse cursor show up in my game, i figure i would make a always sensor, with a edit object (track to) act and hav it track to the mouse but how would i make my mouse cursor an object cuz the track to act only tracks other objects.

actually would this work if i just modified the mouslook script?

theres a really simple script for it, im sure someone will post it soon

ill go looking for it =]


import rasterizer as r

just hook that up to an always sensor, true level triggering off??

is that all i need to do, or do i need to make a object to represent the mouse, and wut actuator would i make?

no, it shows a normal pointer

always actuator, i think you only need to run it once, so an always actuator with true level triggering off will do that

and if you want a custom cursor, blendenzo a tutorial

there is no alwaays actuator just a always sensor

ah! lol yea thats the one. i always mix them up XD

yeh i got it to work
also do u know how to make something happen wen i click on something?

a mouse sensor(set to mouse over) + another mouse sensor(set to left click) > controller > action

lol shatter you’ve givin him all all the answers :stuck_out_tongue:

All this stuff is pretty simple and you can just look it up on google or on blenderartists.

For the custom cursor blendenzo made a simple one, here’s his website:

To do a click on over you can do what shatter did above:
Sensor->Mouse Over—
…-----Controller->AND----------Actuator->Anything you want, you can change the scene whatever…
Sensor->Left Click-------/

way to bump an old thread dude :stuck_out_tongue:
i asked this back in 08, check the dates ^^