Cursor Control 0.3 - Released (2.54b)

This addon for the 2.54 beta gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.

Some features are finding line-line intersections and 3-point circle center…

For Blender 2.54

May I ask, if the used ICONS are made by you? Or are they ‘normally’ existing in blender.exe?

All icons are from blender

Look into use of drawButton in script code
And more are standard icon name

Was to lazy to search for the names (though I have an image with all of them
And more are standard icon name <== Thanks!

Thanks for the update!

Changed the from Crout to sort the icons … now shown in the link above
(nice Python excercise to get it done!, pictures copied from the screen and combined with Gimp, hi hi)!
Now it is easy to find the icon used in a script :yes:.
Should have done it earlier …