Cursor Control 0.4.1 - Released (2.56a)

This addon for the 2.56 beta gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.

Some features are finding line-line intersections and 3-point circle center…

Version 0.7.0 for Blender 2.59
Also pushed to svn…

Version 0.6.1 for Blender 2.59

Version 0.4.1 for Blender 2.56a

Thanks mate!

Would be awesome if this script was put in the contrib tracker, so people can have it in their builds automatically. Meta-androcto would be interested I bet, I know I would.

Hi, and thanks to all users.
But I must confess it feels really weird when people start using your program or whatever it may be.
And today my blogstats just went an order of magnitude up… BOOOM!
I couldn’t believe it.

And yes I have had talks with the blender-guys about putting it in the repo, and I do think that is a good idea.
But… there are always those buts sitting in the way…
I still feel weird about all this attention stuff, and right now I do not feel okay with taking on maintaining it.
(But since it seems like I’m already doing it why the lame excuses… dunno, thats how I’m wired I suppose)
But I’ll get there. Blender 2.5 is still beta, so I’ll take another gander at it when the release has been made.
Yeah… I’m a real but-head aren’t I :wink:

A joke: Can you believe here in blenderartists there was even a thread to try to eliminate the cursor? LOL

Great script, I learned a lot looking at the code.

Great script man, really useful! : )

I have v2.56.0 r34416. I copied to two files to the correct folder and no joy. Doesn’t show in the user preferences. Tried using the Install script function, still no joy/show.
What am I missing, and what do you need to diagnose? It’s supposed to show in the 3D View section is it not?

Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 32bit
Cursor Control 0.5.0

missing script file (related?)

@Corey - try this: find bl_addon_info text in main script file ( line 104 ) and change it to bl_info. Also I had to find all ‘SL’ capital letters in bl_idname and call-outs and change it to non-capital. It’s due to API changes. There is newer build on Gr…All and I think it has no prob with fbx script.

Perfect! Thanks!
Getting the latest builds aren’t that big of a concern for me. My skill doesn’t push Blender’s capabilities.

EDIT: oh, newer builds fix the io_scene_fbx missing…ahh…good to know. Not even sure what it does :slight_smile:

This is a great step having so much control of the cursor! This could be powerful in a CAD-like interface to blender, such as translations based on a relative point, or doing more complex things like fillet 2 edges (lines). It would make automation of these commands possible and more efficient for modelers. If I know how I would write the stuff myself, and I have started learning. Thank you for making this available to the community!

Seminumerical, could you make the script to work with 2.57 ? pls pls pls

thanks a tonne!!


Just an idea. Would be very cool if i can project 3d cursor on surface
for example: hold down the ctrl+ click on the surface and the
3d cursor put on the surface and no need enter edit mode.
I used this feature to place object origin on surface a very easy and fast way. It is possible with this script?

Is this excellent addon still being worked on?
I ask because I have fixed it( most functions work, not all) to work with blender 2.59 without errors.
I’m not sure sharing my fixes would really help anyone much if these addons are still under development, however.
I used some very inelegant brute force methods to make it work( such as inlining classes and functions into the scripts themselves from the two decremented module scripts it used in version 2.57).

I also saw some new module scripts (=scripts found in addons\ modules=) that look like they were made to implement these addons in a better way.

I use the cursor a lot for object placement and such. These tools are a very welcome addition. Thank you for making them.

If you can release the changed scripts, I’ll test right away.
You can pm me here or drop into irc freenode #blenderpython
I am about to remove these scripts from our repository due to lack of developement & the fact they have been broken for some time now.
So If you have them working, maybe these scripts can be saved. :slight_smile:

Hi, and thanks to everybody using the script!
No I am not dead. At least not yet…

I have been a bit behind this summer, but finally I have released version 0.6.1, and it should work with 2.59.
Changes are not in svn yet, but I released a zip that, hopefully, can be manually installed.

Here is the link

great news, thanks.

Thank ya, Morgan!

Thanks for this useful script.

Version 0.7.0 for Blender 2.59
Also pushed to svn…