Cursor Control 0.4 - Released (2.55b)

This addon for the 2.55 beta gives you fingertip control of the 3d cursor. May be helpful in simple CAD drawings of mechanics or architecture. Feel free to try it for yourself.

Some features are finding line-line intersections and 3-point circle center…

For Blender 2.55b

Great, Seminumerical! I’ll try it tomorrow! Thanks for it :wink:


this can save 3D positions for the 3D cursor? NICE !!!

it will be real awesome if you could do this script to automatically make the cursor jump to a certain position, by imputing the length=distance form the initial position to the new position, and a given angle. This will be CAD like!!

here i draw a scheme for better understanding of what i have written:

here is a video with what i have in mind:

here is a idea of the blender UI should be like:

Seminumerical, could this thing will be possible to do?

another great script for 2.5 :slight_smile:

it will be awesome if it will have my idea as a feature also. Read higher!

That draw is not sufficient to understand how you want to do it.
You have the cursor initial state and then you want an angle alpha but you don’t say from what this angle is measured. It needs be measured from a line so you need a point A. The line including A and initial state cursor would be the horizontal blue line in your draw. With this line and an angle we have a cone of lenght the orange line in your drawing and a circle of posible cursor final states in that cone. How you want to decide which one?

Bao2, let me explain a little:

  • this will work ( i think the best way is to put the 3d view, in Top, Front,Right Ortho, not perspective) by measuring the angle from the horizontal (doesn’t matter in which one of the orthogonal view are in, the reference would be the horizontal imaginary line)
  • so, for example, let’s say, i an in the front view, and i have my cursor on a spot of the 3d view( not center). Relative to that position of the cursor, he should have an input dialog for the blender cursor, on which we could specify say to go relative from the current position to a distance of 5 units, at an angle of 30 degrees (from horizontal) (btw, we are talking about the blender
    , all the time, not the mouse cursor)

this would be cad-like situation.
so , Bao2, thanks for asking, but, do you understand me now? i am making myself clear ?

always wanted this angle things too!

i think there are 2 ways of adding an angle line here when making a mesh

1 - specify the line lenght then the angle
2- specify the angle and place the new vertice may be where you want along that slanted line and give the final lenght of the line

a nice feature i like to see here
would be nice to measure angle like this in viewport when in front side or other view but no perspective mode!

hope you understand

how do you run this script?
you simply add the 2 scripts given in the addons folder and that 's it !
i still ahve 343 and doe snot worl cause of matrix call change!
wath is the minimum vesion built it works with ?

happy 2.5

ok, i have done a video to explain what is on my mind, so please watch:

Seminumerical, can you do this thing?

like your video

this is to make a new line at angle

but would also like to be able to measure an existing line !

nice work

happy 2.5

i know, right? :smiley:
if we will have this option in blender, would never use an external CAD software again.
i would love to use just blender for everything!

thanks for the appreciation!

check out my original post again
i have added a video and a mock-up for better understanding

in which version is this worling ?

like i said always wanted to ahve an option to be able to determine an angle / lenght of a line
or to make one ! LOL

but would be easy also to show the other values for the triangle
like height X Y Hypotenus and other angles too!

or may be have this angle/ line in an independant script
just to add or measure angle i might make a script just for the fun of it!LOL


this is not implemented into blender, i’ve just given the idea for someone to develop this feature, because i don’t know python :expressionless:

i know i mean the script itself
cause i have 343 and not working !
so from which version is this working ok ?

happy 2.5

There were changes in the API that is affecting all the scripts. When you see matrix x vector now you must change to vector x matrix in all the code. You candownload the script from here.

what does this script do ?

but if i get the latest built is your original script going to work ok
cause i would prefer to wait this weekend may be to get a new version!

do you think you can add the line / angle feature in your script
would be a nice feature in any case!

thanks and happy 2.5

Now I understand and I will take a look at modifying this script to achieve that definitely.