Cursor default key - snapping

I have an idea and want to here what do you think:
I’m rarely using the LAMB to change the position of the 3D cursor, most of the time I’m using the Shift+S shortcut to position it like I want, snap it to other vertices etc.

My idea is to use the LMB as a snap button, exactly like “ctrl” is used to snap object to other object.
so if I want to snap to a vertex for example, all I need to do is to RMB it to select it and then just press the LMB to snap the cursor to it.

If I want to snap to the middle of two vertices I will select both and press LMB to snap.

When I want to position the 3D cursor without snapping (as we do now) I will add a ctrl button to the LMB (or shift or alt) so it will get out from the snap mode and get the position of the mouse cursor as always.

What do you think?

Use the enhanced cursor addon!

I agree, using the LMB to positioning the 3d Cursor is highly overdone, somehow. So LMB may be better used for some more frequently used operation.
On the other hand LMB is also used to confirm all operations and is not free to use if any operation is still active.
How should this work for snapping while a transform action is still active ? Should it snap or should it confirm then ? I’m not sure if this works out well.

when you use now the LMB on the 3D view, it position the 3D cursor without any confirmation. I want to change only that behavior, so it will position and snap to other objects. you can press and hold the LMB and see where it will snap and when release it will snap. no need to cancel or confirm. (adding ctrl key to make LMB work as current state)
and if you will ask what will happen if it will snap to position that I didn’t want?

  1. in current state it occur all the time…
  2. you can try to snap it again to other position because it only need to press the LMB

I don’t talk about all other situations that you use LMB to confirm. only on LMB for the positioning of the 3D cursor.

Is it hard to implement that behavior to Blender?

But you have to grab anything to move and possibly snap it anywhere. To me it seems you want to be snapping is the default behavior then instead of simple positioning the selected object or vertex to the cursor position by leftklicking.
But if you have grabed any object or vertex, leftklick does no more set the 3d cursor anyway, as far as you don’t double leftklick.
Positioning the 3d cursor by leftklick only happens if no action is currently active and you are leftklicking to an empty 3d view space.
And the 3d cursor will be still placed by leftklicking to an empty 3d view space when things are organiced like you suggested it, if I get you right. :wink:

I can’t tell if it’s hard to implement this, I’m not familiar in Blender development.
I’m just thinking about this “problem” how leftklick may be better used, too.

Anyways, changing “leftklick” to “SHIFT & LK” or “CTRL & LK” to place the 3d cursor, and to avoid placing it accidently, seems to be a good idea to me.

Snapping by default is allready available by activating the magnet symbol. Therefore LK does’nt need to be changed at all to get this behavior, I guess.

So after all simple LK seems still free to be used for anything else.
May I suggest to use it for, let’s say… “select” ? No I don’t. ;D

Greetings Martin

EDIT - Sorry I’d get you wrong. You don’t wanted snapping by default but by holding LMB and confirm snapping by releasing it. LMB & CTRL to place an object at the cursor position whithout snapping. I’m a bit confused.
But this still does’nt necessarily need to affect “LMB -> placing 3d cursor”, because its only needed if anything (object or vertex) is selected. In this case LMB won’t place the 3d curser anyways, but would confirm a translate action, for example.

I only talk about positioning the 3D cursor to an object/s. NOT the positioning of object to other/3D cursor.
position 3D cursor: LMB or Shift+S -> change it to position+snaping with LMB.
position object: G (grab) -> leave it as is.