Cursor not showing

(Conquistador) #1

Hello, my mouse cursor doesn’t show up when it’s in the Blender main window, it flickers on and off and is very hard to see. I don’t know what is going on, because I can see my mouse fine in other programs that use OpenGL. If anybody has a solution, or know why this is happening, that’d be great.


(indigomonkey) #2

What type of graphics card do you have?

(z3r0 d) #3

disable your cursor shadow

also, what os are you on?

(Conquistador) #4

Right now, I’m using Windows XP pro, and turning off the cursor shadow didn’t work.

(Conquistador) #5

I don’t know what I did, but, I restarted my computer and for some reason it now works. Thanks for the help anyways :smiley: