Cursor Origin raycast Help

Ok, I have a ray sensor attached to my Cursor (a plane), but the pivot point (origin) is not moving with the Cursor(plane) so my ray always cast at the center… What am I doing wrong?

-I tried using an empty as my raycast and parenting both with python using Object List, and without (the regular way)
-I tried making the empty follow the cursor by copying its worldposition in python

Wellp- solved my own dilemma. Case anyone runs into this- Just use mouseoverany instead of rays when dealing with the Cursor.
We learn something new everyday am right, eh.

But. I’d still like to know if there is a way to use Ray on Cursor (that moves with the Cursor and isn’t stuck at the center)

Here is my Cursor script if it helps:

from bge import render,logic

cont = logic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
mPosi = cont.sensors[‘MousePosi’]
Xmou = cont.sensors[‘Xmou’]
Ymou = cont.sensors[‘Ymou’]
Zmou = cont.sensors[‘Zmou’]

Start mouse position at center of game screen

if own[‘init’]:
render.setMousePosition(render.getWindowWidth()//2, render.getWindowHeight()//2)
own[‘init’] = 0

Move cursor to mouse position

own.localPosition = mPosi.raySource

How are you moving the plane? Unless you’re moving the mesh or animating it with an armature, the object origin should move with the plane.

Submitting a simple blend file would also be very helpful.