Cursor overlay Cursor question

I have a overlay cursor in my program which of course is in another scene I want to parent an empty to that cursor which i did. Now in my main scene I start the program and I see my cursor which should have the empty when i click say the mouse objects from a differnt layer should appear but they don’t. What i am trying to do is where ever the cursor is on the screen I want to be able to click on my mouse or keyboard and objects should come out. How would I set that up?
The way I have it now works when i press a key but always in the same position with the mouse would be better



The cursor in the overlay scene is for the viewer only. There is no other pupose.

You can perform any action in the other scene without caring this cursor. You can indeed place an empty as “emitting cursor” in the main scene, which moves with the mouse position too.

Great How do I place an empty as an emiting cursor exactly just using LB so it follows my mouse? I should also mention that I am using the later versions of BGE now but for this question I made my program a while back in 2.49 it’s finished but I just wanted to add this. I have tried a few ways but not working so I figured I would ask.


You can use the mouse over any sensor in the main scene. I guessyou did that in your overlay scene too.

Be aware the hit point touches the faces. This means it is not necessarily a good place to add a physical object because of the collision.

Im not sure but i tuink I used this technique in a few of the demos in my signature. Have a look for drag and drop.

Yeah, I saw that but that’s not what I am looking for. Right now i have 9 empties in scene I press “space” bar and objects come into scene but always in the same area. I could add plane and parent empites then move them side to side or even use drop and drag but that is not what I need. I wanted to parent 8 or 9 empties to cursor so wherever i move cursor in scene i click and release objects, so the mouse over any sensor would not be what i need. If that is something that can be done or if there is a script for that let em know for 2.49 thanks.


Never mind i figured out how to do it.