cursor pesision

I’m getting use to the cursor in Blender, but I’m having trouble putting the the cursor someplace specific (like origin) after moving it about.

can I type in it’s location somewhere?

In 3D View Menu View open View Properties to change cursor numerically.
Press Shift-C in 3D View to reset Cursor to origin, press C to center view around cursor, press Shift-S to snap Cursor to grid or your Selection. Grid spacing can also be altered in View properties. Hope this helps as a starter.

Shift+C - Move cursor to origin
Shift+S->Cursor to Grid - snaps the cursor to the grid
View menu->View Properties - lets you type in the exact position

[edit] Curse you, rainborg and your speedy replying skillz

That was fast!!

thanks! I have spent several days struggling without that!

hi neolixa,
best thing is to go into ortographic view (sideviews) and put the cursor with LMB as close as you can, then hit key combo: SHIFT+S and select " Cursor --> Grid " and maybe you need to enter another sideview to get it perfect set…

good luck!