cursor problem

Im trying to create a spoked wheel. I created one spoke, and wanted to use the spin duplicate tool. but it spins from the curser. so I need to position the curser at the bottom point where the X is. If I just select the bottom, it`ll only duplicate whats selected, so I need the whole thing selected. but when i select the whole thing, the curser goes to the object center.

my humble solution:
go into edit mode and select the vertix that is located underneath the X. Press shift s and snap cursor to location. press tab and in object mode and go to the mesh panel. There click on cursor new.
Now the object center of your spoke is located in X. Just try rotating the spoke now and you see it
rotates around its new pivot point (that is its center). Now you could do the spin duplictae i guess…

However…i would rather use an array modifier.
press shift-c to relocate your cursor to the center. Add an empty. Now add an array modifier to the spoke.Select object offest and enter the name of your empty there (‘Empty’).
Now just manipulate the count and rotate your empty… now there you are :slight_smile:

Remember that the Cursor and the Manipulator are two different things. The Cursor is that ugly targeting thingy that you place by LMB’ing. So just select that lowest vertex, press Shift+S, then 4 (= Cursor --> Selection) and it should SpinDup from there. Be careful not to click anywhere with LMB or you’ll place the Cursor somewhere else again!

thanks for that epic answer laune, I`ll try it asap. :smiley:
and @ Zwebbie well spotted :o