Cursor Problems

(Monkeyboi) #1

When I make a runtime (.exe) file in Blender Publisher, the cursor doesn’t dissapear when I start the game. My cursor is in the way all the time!
My game is a first person shoot em up, where the cursor is in the center all the time.

Is there a way to hide the cursor? It’s allright when I play the game inside of Blender, but not in in the .exe file.

By the way what happened to “Sphere” in the UV mapping options? When I press U I can only chose Cube [as well as Cylinder and From Window]. But even that doesn’t seem to work as welll as it used to.

(S_W) #2

I don’t know about the UV mapping, but I think you can hide the cursor with this python command.

import Rasterizer 

(Monkeyboi) #3

Thanks alot! That really helped!

One other thing: It seems that whenever I make an .exe the sound is not included. The textures are though. The strange thing is that on SOME exe’s I make the sounds seems to work, whearas it’s completely abscent in others.

Any idea what might be wrong?

I’ve just found out more about the “bug”. It occurs when you open a blenderfile created in Blender 2.23 in Publisher 2.25 and save it as. When you close it down and reopen, there is no sound in the game!

I could post a blenderfile, that someone who also has Publlisher could try to make into a runtime.

(Monkeyboi) #4

sorry - found the problem. It was just that i switched from win 98 to win 2000 so all the paths f**ked up… Nothin to do with Blender

(S_W) #5

Not always, but very often… :wink:

(rav_bhara) #6

Im doing the same, i have win 98 and win 2000 just come from winxp, ive degraded!!!