Cursor Question

I have two edges that intersect. I want to Snap the Cursor to the point at which the two edges intersect.

Is this possible and does anyone know how to do this?

Is there a vertex there? You could snap to that.
Go into vertex select mode, select the vertex where the edges meet Shift+S > Snap cursor to selection.

If there ISN’T a vertex there… make one.
Select one of the edges and W > Subdivide to create a vert
Go into vertex mode and slide the vert [shift+V] along the edge until it’s right on top of the intersecting edge and snap to that.
X > Dissolve the temporary vert.

Thank you for the quick reply.

There isn’t a vertex there.

The first method I tried was to maximum zoom to the intersection and just left click the cursor to the point.

I suppose W > Subdivide would keep the point on the edge.

I was just wondering if there was an automatic way to locate the intersection.

The reason why I ask is because geometrically the edges do not have whole angles and are not precise (ex. angle 23.33356 etc).

I do believe your method of W > Subdivide is better than my method.

If you know of anway to locate the exact intersection let me know.

Thanks just the same.