Cursor size in viewport unbearably small

So I downloaded the 2.8 a couple days ago, and excited, finally had time to use it… but the cursor size in viewport is painfully small, and with a white background ref image, objectively impossible to see, though slightly better when I enable f.Lux, but I’d rather keep it off with Blender.

I’m using a 55inch 4k TV and sat a couple meters away, which wasn’t a problem until this final release. I already set Pref>Interface>LargeCursor, and the effect wasn’t particularly useful. Is there something else I can do, or at least have it change to a dark colour when it’s got a white color behind.

There is a dpi setting along with line thickness in the preferences. Take a look at it.

Resolution scale you mean? That changes everything except the cursor.

Not sure , both the resolution scale and the thickness affects the cursor size on my system.

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Thickness helped with the screen dividers, at least I can actually click on them now :smiley:

Maybe a way to change the colour of the cursor?

Edit: I should be clear, this is only a problem in edit mode. And especially in xray.

Hey I have high dpi screen, you could edit gizmo size, keep in mind you can type bigger value than slider allows you: