Hello again, yet another question
I’m trying to make a 4-poster bed, and I know how to make the curtains when they’re hanging normally, but I want to tie them to the posts somewhere in the middle of the cloth(vertically), what would be the best way to do that??

In front view, add a Plane, Knife Multi cut 20 or so, vertical cuts, then 2 horizontal cuts.

In top view B-B paint select every other vertex and draG them into a zigzag pattern.

Set the cursor on the left-hand edge and go into Cursor Select mode.

Back in front view, Box select a horizontal row of vertices and Scale them on the X-axis to the desired shape.

Add a Subsurf modifier.

You can add some randomness by dragging vertices to overlap some of the pleats and extra horizontal cuts where the tie back would be.



wow thats pretty nice good thing i read the thread.

Thx a lot, it worked perfectly. I’ll post a pic asap