Curtis, the Gunner

Modeled & sculpted within Blender. I had fun with skin modifier for the ice crystal :3
I painted everything in PS and 3D-Coat, if anyone wonder :3

Details on my blog here:

Oh, I also happen to animate him (although very short ^^)

Very good, and very well animated (for me it’s very well, for a profesionnal animator… ). Have you been inspired by FFXII ??

Thank you for the compliments :smiley:

Yes, Final Fantasy does influence me a lot, as well as Aion Online :slight_smile: The two share an abundant amount of inspirative character designs <3

I was wondering what the poly count on it was.

The character itself including the weapon is 6.3k tris.

Plus the island, 8.7k tris in total :smiley:

I was wandering on Blender and found your post.
Curtis, certainly the greatest given name you could choose! :wink: ah ah ah ^^

Good character!