CurtisS F1 - WIP

Hi there,

I have been toying with the idea of joining the F1 Challenge gang this year. I have traditionally always submitted an “example” entry each year for reference only that is never included in the contest-end voting. This year, I may include my F1 for voting. Anyone have an opinion on whether they feel this is ethical or not?
Anyhow, here is my WIP open for C&C. I haven’t progressed very far because of time but it is taking shape.

Nice start. Glad to see you are finally going to join the battle as well. Good luck!


i really like the smoothness in the f1, but fins belong in the BACK. i think it would look much better if it was in the back.

look forward to the upcoming updates

for some reason it remines me of a surf board…

keep us updated

Good start. Catching a glimpse of the other models, though, man you gotta get cracking. I’m curious to see where you’re going with the shape.

Sure it’s ethical! You have just the same amount of right to compete as anyone else! I men…it’s not like your entry will win just because you came up with the contest… :wink: