Curvatious Galore Add-On: creating a spiral walkway


Im trying to create a spiral walkway, i have managed to create helix curve and added a plane that follows the curve nicely.

however the entire helix curves so the plane ends up on its side.

what would be the best way to get a smooth spiral walkway like this without the plane turning with the tilt of the curve? or how do i decently edit the tilt??


I’m assuming you have made the stairs with array modifier. If that’s the case, then you could set the height of the step in the array modifier instead of using the curve for that. Then just make a curve circle and add a curve modifier.

Hey thanks for the tip, but im trying to create something along the lines of a ramp. not steps. I have create a spiral step before without the curve, although using a circle makes sense. but i want to create a spiral ramp, imagine it as being a carved out rock walkway along a wall that slowly spirals up. the problem with the curve is the tilt it puts on itself…

Hi brinemobee, I just ran into the same problem while modeling a strand of DNA. My solution is to duplicate the curve and move it up (or down) along the axis. Then use alt-c to convert the curves to meshes, join both meshes (ctrl-j), select everything in edit mode and use bridge from the looptools add-on to fill in faces. Now you have a thin ribbon winding around the axis. You can extrude the faces with 0 displacement and then hit alt-s to extrude them inwards. Or use the “inset extrude” addon to extude them inwards.
If you don’t like the whole extruding idea, you could just make a second curve with a slightly smaller radius and duplicate that one along the axis, too. Use bridge or loft in the looptools add-on to skin everything once you’ve turned them to meshes.

I hope this is clear enough, otherwise let me know and I’ll post some pics.